Monday, December 27, 2010

Words that describe behaviour

active - always doing something: She's an active person and never wants to stay in.
aggressive - being angry or threatening: He's aggressive and starts arguments.
ambitious - wantingto succeed: He's ambitious and wants to lead the company.
argumentative - always arguing with people: He won't accept what you say - he's argumentative and loves to disagree!
arrogant - thinking you are better than anyone else: He always behaves as if nobody else's opinion is important - I find him very arrogant.
assertive - being confident, so people can't force you to do things you don't want to do: It's important to be assertive at work.
bad-tempered - in a bad mood: What's got into him lately? He's so bad-tempered.
big-headed - thinking you're very important or clever: I've never met anyone so big-headed.
bossy - telling people what to do all the time: He's so bossy - he never lets me do thinks the way I want to do them.
careless - not taking care: He's careless driver - I'm sure he'll have an accident.
caring - wanting to help people: My boss is caring and often asks me how things are going.
cautious - being careful, so that you avoid mistakes: He's cautious about investing money in the stock market.
charming - pleasant and likeable: What a charming man!
clever- intelligent : She's clever student and picks things up quickly.
conceited - thinking you're very clever, or better than others: He's so concited -he thinks everyone should admire him.
conscientious - doing something carefully, because you want to o it well: She's a conscientious student and always does her homework.
creative - someone who can make or design things, or can think of solutions to a problem: She's creative and artistic.
curious - wanting to know things: I'm curious to find out what you think of the situation.
enthusiastic - having a lot of interest in something: He's an enthusiastic supporter of equal rights.
faithful - being loyal to someone or something: She's a faithful friend.
fussy - only liking certain things: She's fussy about what she wears.
good-natured - kind and thoughtful: She's good-natured and always tries to help.

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