Saturday, December 25, 2010

Want To Get Married? Go Skiing

Mimi: I'm looking forward to a Christmas vacation in the Rocky Mountains.
Sam: What'll you do there?
Mimi: I'm going skiing as usual. I go skiing every year.
Sam: I heard from a friend yesterday. There was no snow anywhere in the West.
Mimi: I'm hoping for at least twelve inches of snow. It depends on the weather at Aspen.
Sam: Aspen, Colorado?
Mimi: That's right. Why do you ask?
Sam: To make sure we're going to the sae place. I mean, I'm skiing there this Christmas, too.
Mimi: Wonderful! We can go skiing together.

look forward to - Anticipate, usually with pleasure.
as usual - As one very often does; in the customary way
hear from - Receive a letter, phone call, news etc. from somebody.
at (the) least - Not less or fewer than, a minimum of, at the smallest guess. Contrast: at (the) most.
make sure + of / about - Be certain of something, check; investigate carefully.

Example 1 - I looked carefully at the letter to make sure that it was from Sam. It was wonderful to hear from him again, and I looked forward to reading his letter.
I read it slowly. It was full of news and at least ten pages long. As usual, he wrote about many interesting things.
Example 2 - Fred phones me yesterday. It was good to hear from him. He told me he was working hard at least ten hours a day, sometimes more, and that he always got up early. He look forward to Sunday to sleep late.
Yesterday Fred got up at 5am as usual. He made sure to rewind his alarm clock right away. Then he remembered it was Sunday.

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