Monday, December 27, 2010

Small Words

This poem has been written using only single syllable words by Robert Anthony Thiel

I like small words the Best
Much more than all the rest
They are just what they seem
And say just what they mean
Big words canlose their way
When I write or what I say
But small words can shed light
On all that I may write
And will light the whole way
On all that I might say
Small words can be sharp like a knife
Or the salt in your tears at night
They are soft like a child you hold
Or like a small whie flake of snow
At times they can be quite strong
Like hot, cold, life, death and storm
They they can be so mild and sweet
Like mom, dad, love or a spring breeze
If big words say just what you mean
They yes do use them by all means
But the worlds tongues were built on small words
They are the first words that a child learns
Small words are your true friends here and now
And like true friends will not let you down

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