Friday, December 10, 2010

Idioms with Words That Go Together

A while ago, I decided o put together one of those five thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles all by myself. I was sure tht I colud do it because I'm got at all kinds of games - from crossword puzles to video games. But it wasn't seasy after all. First, I put all the pieces on the table, and I started to work on the sky part of the puzzle. But every other piece was bule and seemed to fit in the sky. I must have stared at the pieces for two hours. "Take it easy," I told myself. "Sooner or later you'll put some piece together." And I was right. Before long, I had several pieces together. But finishing the entire puzzle was a project that took me quite a few months. Of course, at the end, I learned the most improtant fact about putting together puzzles. The last piece is always missing! Just the other day I found that missing piece behind the sofa. No wonder I hadn't found it before! (By Shawn)

after all - different from what you expected
every other - this one but not the next, then the next but not the one after that, and so on
take it easy - calm down, relax, don't worry
sooner or later/before long - eventually, after some time
quite a few - many
the other day - a short time ago
no wonder - not surprising

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