Monday, December 27, 2010

How did Mr. Johnson save the Gibson family?

One night, a man named Carl Johnson was suddenly awakened by the sound of a tremendous blast. He ran to his bedroom window and looked out. The house next door was on fire. Mr. Johnson quickly, calmly threw on some chothes. He told his wife to call the fire department. Then he hurried next door.

The house, owned by Barbara Gibson, had been blown apart by a gas explosion. The second floor had collapsed into the lower half of the building. There was fire everywhere.

Mr. Johnson found a large hoe in the side of the house. He heard a scream inside. He ran in and fund Mrs. Gibson stumbling around in a daze. Mr. Johnsn grabbed her and pushed her through the hole.

Then Mr. Johnson went back inside to look for Mrs. Gibson's children. He foun Susan Gibson in a state of shock. He picked her up and quickly brought her out. But wher ewas Mrs. Gibson's son, Joseph?

Again Mr. Johnson bravely entered the burning building. The flames were gettng higher. The heat was unbearable. Mr. Johnson could hardly see through the thick smoke. Finally he found Joseph. His clothers were on fire, and he was bleeding from a deep cut. Mr Johnson smothered the flames and led Joseph to safety. Seconds later, the entire house was completely engulfed in flames.

The Gibsons were alive only because their neighbor had acted quickly, with courage.

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