Thursday, December 30, 2010

Look-Alikes & Sound Alikes

Which is underage...a minor or a miner? On a dark night in a dark alley...are you likelyto be scared or sacred? Who runs the school...the principal or the principle? Is Washington D.C. the Unites States' capital or capitol? And do you and your friends look for adventure altogether or all together? Words that look or sound exactly alike or similar are the cause of many spelling errors. Here's chance to get some of them straightened out. Choose the correct word.

- Jaycee is 15. She doesn't work in a mine. She is a minor/miner.
- On a dark night in a dark alley, you'll probably be feeling scared/sacret and thinking that your life is very scared/sacred to you.
- The bold, ambitious knight from King Arthur's court had one favorite steel sword/soared, which he left to his favorite hair/heir after he died.
- The school principal/principle reported 22 principal/principle of food-throwing in the cafeteria last month. She noted that the stationary/stationery of these episodes had doubled since September. As a result, she declared that stationary/stationery would no longer be served at the end of school lunches.
- If a bike doesn't have a pedal/peddle, it will be extremely hard to pedal/peddle up the hill to the high school.
- If a peer/pier in your classroom dove off a 50-foot peer/pier into the ocean, would you be likely to do the same?
- On my vacation, I desert/dessert in a glider, rode a camel acroos a desert/dessert, and helped a desert/dessert pan for gold.
- Magda decided that, for her visit to the capital/capitol city of her state and the capital/capitol building, she would dy her capital/capitol blue, the color of her state bird.
- All together/altogether, I have collected seven different varieties of scorpions (all dead, of course!).
- When my sister becomes president, as I know she will, I'll write her a letter of congratulations on the incidents/incidence she designed for me when she was in kindergarden.

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