Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

A town mouse went to visit his cousin in the country. The country cousin was poor, but he gladly served his town cousin the only food he had - some beans and some bread. The town mouse ate the bread and laughed. He said, "What poor food you country mice eat! Come home with me. I will show you how to live." The moon was shining brightly that night, so the mice left immediately.

As soon as they arrived at the town mouse's house, they went into the dining room. There they found theleftovers of a wonderful dinner, and soon the mice were eating jelly and cake and many mice things. Suddenly, the door flew open, and an enomous dog ran in. The mice ran away quickly. "Good-bye, Cousin," said the country mouse. "Are you leaving so soon?" asked the town mouse. "Yes," his honest cousin replied. "This has been a great adventure, but I'd rather eat break id peace than cake in fear."

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