Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Old Man And The Envelope

An old man awakes-awoke in the middle of the night. He leans-leaned over and sees-saw that his wife is-was sleeping. Quietly, he creeps-crept down the stairs into the basement, and sits-sit down next to a brown trunk. He has-had an old key hanging on a chain around his neck. He uses-used the key to unlock the trunk. Slowly, he goes-went through old photographs and books. He opens-opened one of the books and an evelope drops-dropped out. He takes-took the envelope over to the furnace and throws-threw it in. The envelope slowly burns-burned. After he watches-watched the envelope burn he returns-returned to bed, kisses-kissed his wife on the check, and falls-fell asleep.

Think up a possible story behind this story to discuss.
What was in the envelope?
Why did the old many put te envelope in the first place (basement)?
Why did he burn the envelope?

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