Sunday, November 28, 2010

A small passage from the book "Geisha"

"The path from our house followed the edge of the sea cliffs before turning inland toward the village. Walking it on a day like this was difficult, but I remember feeling grateful that the fierce wind drew my mind from the things troubling me. The sea was violent, with waves like stones chipped into blades, sharp enought to cut. It seemed to me the world itself was feeling just as I felt. Was life nothing more than a storm that constantly washed away what had been there only a moment before, and left behind something barren and unrecognizable?"

Friday, November 26, 2010

THE STEVE MILLER BAND "Serenade" (Steve Miller and Chris McCarty)

Did you see the lights
As they fell all around you
Did you hear the music
Serenade from the stars
Wake up, wake up
Wake up and look around you
We're lost in space
And the time is our own
Whoa, whoa
Did you feel the wind
As it blew all around you
Did you feel the love
That was in the air
Wake up, wake up
Wake up and look around you
We're lost in space
And the time is our own
Whoa, whoa
The sun comes up
And it shines all around you
You're lost in space
And the earth is your own
Whoa, whoa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day in the United States started as a way of giving thanks to food collected from a good harvest or problems that were fixed. It originated in 1621 and was a religious festival, but is now largely secular. It is now a holiday on the fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving Day

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Psychologists say that lying well is a special talent that is not easily acquired. Good liars can be quite likeable, have a charming style, and can look you right in the eye. Lie-detector tests are used about 1 million times a year byprivate companies, police departments, and even the CIA. Some people insist that lie-detector test are reliable. However, many experts find that lie-detectors can be fooled by bitting one's tongue. From the beginning of time, people have tried to detect lies. In ancient India, suspected liars were sent by themselves into a hut without any light. They were instructed to pull the tail of a donkey in the hut. They were told the donkey would cry out if the person pulling its tail was lying. They had no idea that the donkey's tail was covered in soot. The real liars were identified because they had no soot on their hands when they came out of the hut!

Key to Pronouncing the Consonants of American English

sit, basket, kiss
zoo, busy, buzz
top, return, cat
day, ladder, bed
think, bathtub, mouth
the, father, smooth
shoe, nation, wish
chair, witch
rouge, vision, measure
jaw, magic, age
you, yes
pay, apple, stop
boy, rabbit, tub
fun, office, if
very, over, save
cake, car, book
go, begin, egg
we, away
lamp, pillow, bell
red, marry, car
hat, behind
me, swim
no, run
sing, playing

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Idioms from Colors

The letter came out of the blue! I wasn't expecting it. But there it was in black and white, signed by the bank manager. I had no money in my checking account. I was in the red.
I couldn't believe it. So I went to see the manager. We looked at the problem together. The bank had made a mistake. It hadput ten dollars into my account instead of one thousand dollars!
Because it was the bank's mistake, there was no delay reopening my account. The manager cut through all the red tape. Now I had money in my account. And I had the green light to write checks again.

out of the blue - by surprise, unexpectedly
in black and white - in black and white
in the red - owing money, in debt
red tape - complicated official procedures and forms
the green light - the okey to start something

Friday, November 19, 2010


Almost all people dayream during a normal day. They tend to daydream the most during quiet times. Most people have said that they enjoy their daydreams. Some have very ordinary daydreams, while others have unrealistic ones, such as inheriting a million dollars. Men daydream as much as women do, but the subject of their dreams is different. Men daydream about being daring heroes or good athletes. Women delight in daydreaming about fashion and beauty. As individuals grow older, they tend to daydream less, although it is still evident in their old age. Children daydream, too. Psychologists believe daydreaming is an important part of childen's development because it helps them to develop their imaginations. Daydreaming has advantages and disadvantages. It can keep people entertained under dull conditions. The downside is that, when daydreaming, they need to divert their attention from their surroundings. When it is important for people to pay attention to something like driving, daydreaming can be risky or dangerous diversion.

New York

New York may be one of the most unique cities in the world. The largest city in the United States, New York has a population of over eight million. People commute to the city regularly, and visitors come from all over to view New York's beauty and confusion. Come to New York! Ride the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy museums of every kind. You'll see huge skyscrapers. You can attend broadway musicals and previews. You don't need an excuse to shop on Fifth Avenue. Help yourself to the unusual ethnic foods in Chinatown and Little Italy. There are even more amusements in the five boroughs. Visit some of the fine universities. Young or old, you will be impressed with the diversity of the city.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cataract of Lodore (Expert)/Robert Southey

Retreating and beating and meeting and sheeting,
Delaying and straying and playing and spraying,
Advancing and prancing and glancing and dancing,
Recoiling, turmoiling and toiling and boiling,
And gleaming and streaming and steaming and beaming,
And rushing and flushing and brushing and gushing,
And flapping and rapping and clapping and slapping.
And curling and whirling and purling and twirling,
And thumping and plumping and bumping and jumping,
An dashing and flashing and splashing and clashing,
And so never ending, but always descending,
Sounds and motions for ever and ever are blending,
All at once an all o'er, with a mighty uproar
And this way the water comes down at Lodore.

Keep thinking and practicing; everything will be OK.

Tongue Twister

Betty Botta bought some butter
"But," said she, "This buter's bitter.
If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter.
But a bit o'better butter will make my batter better."
So she bought a bit o'butter better than the bitter butter.
It made her bitter batter better.
So 'twas better Betty Botta bought a bit o'better butter.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spoken English

The particles of many phrasal verbs, especially phrasal verbs that relate to physical movement, are frequently used alone with a form of be. This is very common in conversation when the verb already been stated at least once and does not need to be repeated:

Customer: Have you run out of coffee?
Store clerk: We're out of regular coffee, but we're not out of instant.

Marsha: When do you have to move out of your apartment?
Nancy: I have to be out by next Wednesday.

Jim: Did you turn the air conditioner on?
Bob: No, it was on when I came in.

Mother: Has your sister woken up yet?
Susie: No, she's still not up.

Using the particle without a verb is also common when a phrasal verb can be understood from the context. Sometimes, only one verb is obvious:

Raul: Are you through?
Todd: No, I won't be through until after 4:00.

If this conversation occurred at a place of employment, the phrasal verb could only be get through. But ofter, in a particular situation, more then one verb might be understood, but to the speakers it is not important or necessary to be specific about which one:

Carlos: Is Karen in?
Paul: No, she isn't.

If this conversation occured in an office building, several verbs might be understood: come in, go in, get in, (be) let in. 

The Turkey

Everyone learns about the early settlers who journeyed to America. These Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving feast with the famous turkey. One Native American name for turkey is "firkee," and this may have been how the bird got its name. Turkey is always served for Thanksgiving dinner on the fourth Thursday in each November, but it is certain to please on other occasions. Age will determine the taste of a turkey. An older male or younger "girl" turkey is preferred. Turkeys are nourishing and can be turned into versatile meals. There is some work involved in cooking a turkey, but it is worth the trouble. The world concurs that Americans prepare the most superb turkeys.

Idioms from Plants

Eustacia always wanted her life to be a bed of roses. She wanted everything to be easy and comfortable. But when she had a choice or decision to make, she could not do it. When you asked her what she was going to do, she always beat around the bush. She never gave a direct answer. And when she did decide something, she usually made a mistake. She was always barking up the wrong tree. So, she decided to turn over a new leaf and change her life. But when she finally made up her mind to change, she couldn't decide what to do. That was the last straw. She realized that she would never change. In a nutshell, if you want to describe Eustacia, you could say that she isin't good at making decisions.

a bed of roses - a comfortable, easy situation
beat around the bush - to waste time by not giving a direct answer
barking up the wrong tree - to make the wrong choice and waste one's efforts
to turn over a new leaf - to start over again, to start a new and better life
the last straw - the final thing after a series of bad things, the thing that finally makes you angry
In a nutshell - in a few words

Idioms from Parts of the Body

Last year my English class was full of characters. That's a polite way of saying it had some unusual people that I'll never forget. One student was such a hard worker that he learned all the idioms in our book by heart. He was always saying things like "I'm on cloud nine," or "I'm green with envy." We never knew if he meant what he said or if he was just practising English. Another student had a sweet tooth. She would bake lots of breads and cakes and bring students met in the class and fell head over heels in love. We were all invited to their wedding and had a great time. Then there was a student who was always pulling someone's leg. For example, one day before class, he put a long homework assignment on the board and made us thinkg that the teacher had given it. We all had long faces until the teacher came in. Then we realized that someone had played a joke on us.

by heart - by memory
to have a sweet tooth - to like sweet foods very much
head over heels in love - very much in love
pulling someone's leg - to joke, to kid or trick someone
long faces - a sad, dissatisfied expression

Friday, November 12, 2010

Idioms from Numbers

For some people, fishing is so enjoyable that it puts them in seventh heaven. For others,  fishing is a good time to relax and catch forty winks. I'm of two minds about it. At first sight, fishing seems like fun. But, on second thought, I just don't like to handle a fish when I catch it. To many people who like ishing, it's second nature to look a a river or a lake and know where the fish ae. They have a sixth sense that helps them do this. Soon they're catching fish, while I'm still trying to put the worm on the hook.

in seventh heaven - extremely happy
forty winks - a short sleep, a nap
of two minds - having trouble making a decision
at first sight - after a quick look, before realy thinking about one's feeling about something
on second thought - changing one's mind after thinking more about something
second nature - easy and natural to someone
sixth sense - a special feeling for something, or a special understanding of things

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody!

Once upon a time, there were four people. They were named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. An important job had to be done. Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it and that Somebody would do it. It ended up, however, that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done!

Peter Pan

Do you remember the play Peter Pan? Who can forget the boy who never ever wanted to grow up! When Wendy and her brothers met Peter Pan and the fairy Tinker Bell, they flew to Never-Never Land. They had many adventures with Peter's friends and enemies, but the play had a happy ending. Sir James Barrie, the author, presented this play in 1911.
Thus Sentimental treasure was hit best work and made him very wealthy. It was an even better success on Broadway. It was set to music and had special effects. It is often said that no onecan be young forever. But with the legend of Peter Pan we get to pretend again and again.

The Beatles

What is a Beatle? Maybe you think of a rea creature who creeps and leaps about. But most people recall four English teens called the Beatles, who appeared as a rock group in the nineteen sixties. Leaving bebop behind, the Beatles created a uniquea beat that appealed to everyone. Seen on American TV, they were greeted by screams and cheers. "Please Please Me" and "She Loves You" ver among their many pieces. They even received an award from the queen of England. The team broke up as they reached their peak, but each member continued his own career. The world grieved the los of their leader, John Lennon, who died in December 1980 Although only briefly on the scene, the Beatles created meaningful music that will be here for an eternity.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Useful Notes

Being Late

The car broke down, my cat ran away, I was kidnaped by aliens...most of us come late now and a then and we have a variety of reasons. Let me give you a few more.

- I did say 11 o'clock sharp.
- I was help up in traffic.
- It is raining cats and dogs.
- I had to wait ages.
- The traffic is murder out there
- Can you hang on a sec?
- I am very punctual.
- What held you up?
Can I take a rain check?
not later than tomorrow - tomorrow at the lastest
He couldn't get his point across.
What he said obviously get acros to them.

We moved our clock back (or ahead) and gain (or lose) an hour of precious sleep.
May the warm thoughts and wishes that surrund you lift your heart, brighten your world and give you renewed strength for tomorrow.

Hard as you may study, I doubt you'll pass.
Tired as he was, he stopped walking.
Little did we imaginethat the whole Soviet Union would collapse.

It occured to me that I'd left the keys at home.
It is better for you wait here.
Why not do something nice yourself a day?
Why pay more?
Why not leave now?
What can I do but leave?

Get pleasure out of life.

Revenge is always the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind.

It's about time I got a letter from her. (She hasn't written in quite some time, and I have been expecting a letter. It finally came.)

What other ways can I reach you?

Keep your guard up!

The fact that you have thought of me in the nw year means all the world to me.

I got disconnected and the phone wasn't responding.
Ok,treat yourself to little luxuries.

I am really touched with your words.

The rectangle on the top is leaning downward towards the right.

I wonder if she will realy get there.
You beat me by 2 minutes.

There are two ways to lose weight; burn more colories than you take in or eat less than you do.

He's sayin that he doesn't find them appealing.
Wedding dresses aren't popping.
A case in point is the long held belief that boys are better at mathematics than girls.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Useful Notes for Daily Speaking

Do - laundry, homework, dishes
Take - bath, a shower, buses, walks, chances, risk, advantage of, stuff, advice
Make - breakfast, friends, enemies, mistakes trouble, war, peace, choices, decisions, love
Get - lonely, tired, upset, angry, married, divorce, drunk, bored, old
Have - luck, bithday, good time, breakfast, trouble, sex, babies, confidence, need

- Make yourself comfortable.

- Did you catch a cold? (not get)
- Did you have a cold? (not get)

- You missed out a great opportunity.

- In what situation is this said?

- I admit it was confusing from the grammatical point of view.
- He was admitted to a hospital.
- I have to admit he is a good man.
- He admists to having lied.

- In the above picture
- Please see the picture above
- In the below picture
- Please see the picture below
- In the picture ilustrated below

- It is all in the air as yet.
- Everything comes to him who waits.
- He doesn't have is feet on the ground.
- He is not beating around the bush.
- Every cloud has a silver lining.
- We end up doing nothing while trying to do too much.
- I put my satisfaction into word.
- Can you do me a favor, please?

- Some companies precharge credit card for item they don't have in stock.

- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.

- Is it on the go or out of juice?

- Nothing beats a good beef burger. !

- Turn over a new leaf and forget the past.
- Wipe the slate clean > start over

- Can you clear it up for me?
  Thank you for clearing it up for me.

- to get someone ginger up > to excite him or enthuse

- to provide something for somebody
- to supply something to somebody

- Do it in the way that I want

- No sooner said than done.

- Are you set? > Are you ready?

- I majored in Human Resources Management.
- I minored in Public Relationship.
- I will be a perfect fit for this company.
- I am the main person in charge.
- I was the best at social science but struggling with Math.

- I failed (sucked) at getting present for my mom.
- Stop giving me run-around, just tell the truth.

- It is a corporation of foreign origin.

- I have something hanging over my head since morning.

The Usage of the Some Helpful Adverbs and Adjectives

fully aware
strongly recommend
totaly agree
openly admit
firmly believe
fully appreciate
positively encourage
categorically deny
absolutely refuse / absolutely no chance
extremely good
a total disaster
a terrible mistake
much cheaper
one hundred per cent certain
highly competitive
far too expensive
even better

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


When you are looking for new ideas or you need to solve a problem, do you think on paper?  This post will show you a few easy to use tools, which can help you become more creative and a successful problem solver.
1. The fist tool, we can use for thinking on paper, is a simple spider diagram. We can use this as a way to generate ideas. Start off with a key word or short phase in the middle of the page. This key word or short phase is something that's linked to a project we are working on. Once the key word is written down, we can spider off it, with new ideas. This also shows us instantly, how our though process is working. Because these ideas are all on paper in front of us, we don't need to remember them and can use our mind 100% to create.  The spider tool is like the mind mapping technique. Together with making list, they help breakdown our thought patterns and make it easier for us to accoplish one big task at a time. This is great when you are brainstorming and organizing your thoughts. 
2. Ask the question – get the answer is the approach. We can start off by writing the problem down at the top of the page, as if it were a question.Once we turn the problem statement into a question statement, next step is that we can simply write down as many possible answers as we can.
How, what, when, where, who.. whatever the appropriate beginning to the sentence as it will drive you to an answer simply by giving the direction.  
3. Another favourite technique to generate inspiration is to let our subconscious do the work. State the problem to yourself either on paper or in conversation, to focus your mind, discuss it briefly, then deliberately stop. After that work on something else. Usually by the time you need to get back to it, you have several options bubbling away in your mind.
4. We can also use post-it notes with large pieces of paper: one idea or question per post-it; then if another idea flows from one of them, we can write a subsequent post-it which we put near the first one. In this way we can get our thoughts fleshed out.

Pen and paper is great if your topics don’t overflow a page. A portable white board allows you to view the diagram from a distance – this can be a powerful perspective. Software is great if you have a large diagram or want to use a non-handwritten diagram in a document.
These are just a few simple techniques that anyone can use easily to improve thinking and solve problem.