Thursday, December 23, 2010

Qualities you are looking for in a mate

Romantic "I want to take you to a candle lit restaurant."
Reliable " I finisihed painting the babies room."
Good listener "Let me think about what you said."
Good sense of humor "I enjoy laughing."
Hard working "I've been working at it all day."
Intelligent "I just read a great book."
Faithful "I have only eyes for you."
Easy going "Don't worry so much."

Pick the three qualities you think are most important to find in a mate.
Reliable, hard working, intelligent, down-to-earth...

Which of the following activities do you enjoy?
- I really enjoy dancing.
- I love jumpng off the diving board.
- I like to go to a bar and hang out with friends.
- Art museums are great.
- The Beatles are one of my favorite bands.
- I like camping whenever I get the chance.

ambitious - unmotivated
generous - stingy
hardworking - lazy
honest - dishonest
humble - bigheaded
independent - depended
kind - inconsiderate
nervous - calm
open-minded - close-minded
optimistic - pessimistic
outgoing - shy
punctual - late
reliale - unreliable
talkative - quiet
unselfish - self-centered

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