Monday, December 13, 2010


FIND A CLASSMATE WHO ----------------------------.

Get up and circulate! Try to find classmates who can answer "yes" to your questions. Be sure to ask a complete question each time.

Example: Natasha loves snow.  Question: Do you love snow?

1. --------------------------lives in my neighborhood.
2. --------------------------is single.
3. --------------------------is married.
4. --------------------------hates snow.
5. --------------------------loves junk food.
6. --------------------------takes the subway every weekday.
7. --------------------------is stressed-out.
8. --------------------------eats healty food.
9. --------------------------was born in January.
10. ------------------------is a workaholic.
11. ------------------------exercises atleast three times a week.
12. ------------------------is homesick.
13. ------------------------is going to go back to his/her country this year.
14. ------------------------speaks English at work.
15. ------------------------makes telephone calls in English.
16. ------------------------likes his/her job.
17. ------------------------wants to change jobs.
18. ------------------------studied in this program before.
19. ------------------------is a couch potato.
20. ------------------------is a bookworm.
21. ------------------------is a chocoholic.
22. ------------------------loves New York City.
23. ------------------------is going to get married soon.
24. ------------------------has more than two children.
25. ------------------------has been in New York City for more than five years.

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