Thursday, December 16, 2010

Numbers and Measure Words

Hello, fellow travellers! As you know, my wife Helen and I travel a lot. We used to travel by train, but then we discovered campers - mobile homes - and we just love them! We travel (ten thousand/ten thousand of) miles a year in our mobile home. Sometimes we drive (six hundred of/six hundred) miles a day. Sometimes we only cover (sixty of/sixty) miles.
Today I'm going to talk about travelling in a mobile home. What do you need to take with you? Of course you'll need (a/one of) good road map, but there are a few other itmes you need as well. Always take (two/two of) extra tires. It's no fun being (fifty of/fifty) miles from a city with a falt tire! Make sure you also take extra (bottles of/bottles) antifreeze and at least (five gallons/five gallons of) gasoline. I always take (a quart/a quart of) oil, too.
You'll also need a good first-aid kit in your mobile home. Make sure you have (box of/ a box of) bandages, (a can of/a can) insect repellent spray, (a bottle of/ a bottle) rubbing alcohol, an ( a jar of/ a jar) first-aid cream.

Answers: ten thousand, six hundred, sixty, a, two, fifty, bottles of, five gallons of, a quart of, a box of, a can of, a bottle of, a jar of.

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