Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Useful Notes for Daily Speaking

Do - laundry, homework, dishes
Take - bath, a shower, buses, walks, chances, risk, advantage of, stuff, advice
Make - breakfast, friends, enemies, mistakes trouble, war, peace, choices, decisions, love
Get - lonely, tired, upset, angry, married, divorce, drunk, bored, old
Have - luck, bithday, good time, breakfast, trouble, sex, babies, confidence, need

- Make yourself comfortable.

- Did you catch a cold? (not get)
- Did you have a cold? (not get)

- You missed out a great opportunity.

- In what situation is this said?

- I admit it was confusing from the grammatical point of view.
- He was admitted to a hospital.
- I have to admit he is a good man.
- He admists to having lied.

- In the above picture
- Please see the picture above
- In the below picture
- Please see the picture below
- In the picture ilustrated below

- It is all in the air as yet.
- Everything comes to him who waits.
- He doesn't have is feet on the ground.
- He is not beating around the bush.
- Every cloud has a silver lining.
- We end up doing nothing while trying to do too much.
- I put my satisfaction into word.
- Can you do me a favor, please?

- Some companies precharge credit card for item they don't have in stock.

- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.

- Is it on the go or out of juice?

- Nothing beats a good beef burger. !

- Turn over a new leaf and forget the past.
- Wipe the slate clean > start over

- Can you clear it up for me?
  Thank you for clearing it up for me.

- to get someone ginger up > to excite him or enthuse

- to provide something for somebody
- to supply something to somebody

- Do it in the way that I want

- No sooner said than done.

- Are you set? > Are you ready?

- I majored in Human Resources Management.
- I minored in Public Relationship.
- I will be a perfect fit for this company.
- I am the main person in charge.
- I was the best at social science but struggling with Math.

- I failed (sucked) at getting present for my mom.
- Stop giving me run-around, just tell the truth.

- It is a corporation of foreign origin.

- I have something hanging over my head since morning.

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