Friday, November 19, 2010


Almost all people dayream during a normal day. They tend to daydream the most during quiet times. Most people have said that they enjoy their daydreams. Some have very ordinary daydreams, while others have unrealistic ones, such as inheriting a million dollars. Men daydream as much as women do, but the subject of their dreams is different. Men daydream about being daring heroes or good athletes. Women delight in daydreaming about fashion and beauty. As individuals grow older, they tend to daydream less, although it is still evident in their old age. Children daydream, too. Psychologists believe daydreaming is an important part of childen's development because it helps them to develop their imaginations. Daydreaming has advantages and disadvantages. It can keep people entertained under dull conditions. The downside is that, when daydreaming, they need to divert their attention from their surroundings. When it is important for people to pay attention to something like driving, daydreaming can be risky or dangerous diversion.

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