Sunday, November 21, 2010


Psychologists say that lying well is a special talent that is not easily acquired. Good liars can be quite likeable, have a charming style, and can look you right in the eye. Lie-detector tests are used about 1 million times a year byprivate companies, police departments, and even the CIA. Some people insist that lie-detector test are reliable. However, many experts find that lie-detectors can be fooled by bitting one's tongue. From the beginning of time, people have tried to detect lies. In ancient India, suspected liars were sent by themselves into a hut without any light. They were instructed to pull the tail of a donkey in the hut. They were told the donkey would cry out if the person pulling its tail was lying. They had no idea that the donkey's tail was covered in soot. The real liars were identified because they had no soot on their hands when they came out of the hut!

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