Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Useful Notes

Being Late

The car broke down, my cat ran away, I was kidnaped by aliens...most of us come late now and a then and we have a variety of reasons. Let me give you a few more.

- I did say 11 o'clock sharp.
- I was help up in traffic.
- It is raining cats and dogs.
- I had to wait ages.
- The traffic is murder out there
- Can you hang on a sec?
- I am very punctual.
- What held you up?
Can I take a rain check?
not later than tomorrow - tomorrow at the lastest
He couldn't get his point across.
What he said obviously get acros to them.

We moved our clock back (or ahead) and gain (or lose) an hour of precious sleep.
May the warm thoughts and wishes that surrund you lift your heart, brighten your world and give you renewed strength for tomorrow.

Hard as you may study, I doubt you'll pass.
Tired as he was, he stopped walking.
Little did we imaginethat the whole Soviet Union would collapse.

It occured to me that I'd left the keys at home.
It is better for you wait here.
Why not do something nice yourself a day?
Why pay more?
Why not leave now?
What can I do but leave?

Get pleasure out of life.

Revenge is always the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind.

It's about time I got a letter from her. (She hasn't written in quite some time, and I have been expecting a letter. It finally came.)

What other ways can I reach you?

Keep your guard up!

The fact that you have thought of me in the nw year means all the world to me.

I got disconnected and the phone wasn't responding.
Ok,treat yourself to little luxuries.

I am really touched with your words.

The rectangle on the top is leaning downward towards the right.

I wonder if she will realy get there.
You beat me by 2 minutes.

There are two ways to lose weight; burn more colories than you take in or eat less than you do.

He's sayin that he doesn't find them appealing.
Wedding dresses aren't popping.
A case in point is the long held belief that boys are better at mathematics than girls.

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