Sunday, January 17, 2010

Writing An Essay - Public Speaking

1. Topic Sentences-first sentences
2. Description
3. Answer the essay question.
4. Give reason/examples.
5. Speak only for the idea of yourself.
6. Use short sentences, be clear.
7. Don't forget about paragraph
8. A good conclusion/repeat your topic sentences

Topic: What/who is a hero?

- definition of a hero
- who - examples of hero
- why - reason
- conclusion

Public Speaking
1. Choose a topic
2. Analyze your audience
3. Identify a Specific purpose (informative, persuasive, entertaining...)
4. Organize your main points (organizational patterns, topical, chronological, spatial/geographical, problem-solution, cause-effect...)
5. Choose form of support (language, explanations, testimony "personal experience", examples, statistics, visual aids...)
6. Outline your speech (introduction, transition, body-3-4 main topic, conclusion-summary of main point, give a feeling of closure)
7. Analyze delivery (Don't forget to pause, visual aid, eye contact, gesture, a compelling speech, intonation, voice volume...)

Persuasive Writing - For and Against

Helpful Language

Expressing Both Sides

pros and cons
advantages and disadvantages
plus and minus

Providing Additional Arguments

What is more,
In addition to ..., the ...
Not only will ..., but ... will also ...

Showing Contrast

On the other hand,
Although .....,


First of all,


To sum up,
In conclusion,
In summary,
All things considered,

Expressing Your Opinion

In my opinion,
I feel / think that ...


Choose an for and against argument from one of the following themes

Attending College / University
Getting Married
Having Children
Changing Jobs

  • Write down five positive points and five negative points
  • Write down an overall statement of the situation (for introduction and first sentence)
  • Write down your own personal opinion (for final paragraph)
  • Summarize both sides in one sentence if possible
  • Use your notes to write a For and Against Argument using the helpful language provided

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