Friday, January 15, 2010


at - She kicked at the stone. (Her foot didn't touch the stone.)
she kicked the stone. (Her foot touched the stone.)
on- The umbrella is on the couch.
in - There are some people sitting in a row.
on top of
on bottom of
next to
across from
on the corner of
diagonal to
to left/right
straight ahead
side by side
against- The umbrella is leaning against the couch.
in front of
She arrived at 5:00 pm. (specific)
She arrived on Friday. (days/dates)
She arrived in October.( months, years, seasons, parts of the day, periods of times)
at night-at noon- at christmas - at new Year - at midnight -
at Easter- on Easter (with specific time), on Easter eve, on supertime, next october, every morning, last evening, this month etc.
on fifth of March
on new year's day
on the weekend
in the evening/morning/afternoon
in the prehistoric days
in the renaisance
in a few moment
in a few days
in a week
on the 4th of July
on the northwest corner of 34th st.
on fifth Ave.
in the museum at the information desk
on the southwest corner
in the 82nd corner
in his hand
on April 24th
in April
in the box
in the station
on 23rd st.
on the street
on the platform
in-within stg. inside
on the stage
on the upper right side
at/on the top/bottom
on the third floor
on the menu
in a line
on a line (NY)
in/at the back
in the theater
She is in the photo, and we are looking at the photo.
Our image is in the mirror.
I want to sit in the 7th row/in front of row.
Stay in the building.
packed and ready on the street
on the tracks
in/on the subway(if you are on the train, on the subway)
by taxi
by train
in the store
by bus

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