Friday, January 15, 2010

Democrats - Republicans

candidate - Barack Obama
Nominee Hillary Clinton
Money - It must be regular.
Enviromental control - yes
Military - no
Taxes - We need money to raise other issue - cut taxes
Education - yes
Health - yes
Guns - no
God - no
Gays - yes
Candidate - John Mccain
Nominee - Mike Huckaby
Money - Capitalism that has make us rich and powerful.
Enviromental control - no
Military - yes
Taxes - cut taxes
Education - no
Health - no
Guns - yes
God - yes
Gays - no

They are having slugfest. (Slugfest is a split decision.)
They are not having lovefest.
The toast of the town - very popular
You are a bad apple (This means you are not a good team member.
One bad apple can spoil the barrel. If you're in team, there is on "I", you have to think
about everybody. If you're not a good team player, you're a bad apple.)

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