Friday, January 15, 2010


Did you ever wish to look like a model or a movie star?
Arizona twins Mike and Matt Schlepp did. The 20 year-olds wanted to look like actor Brad Pitt so much that they got nose jobs, cheek and chin implant, and porcelain dental veneers totaling more that $22.000.
Accoring to a new surver by Bliss, a popular British Magazine, many other teens with an average age of 15 have consideret getting plastic surgery.
Let's look at the number, According to the American society of Plastic Surgeon report, in 2000, the number of teens had plastic surgeriy is 306.000. In 2003, 335.000 people ages 18 and younger had plastic surgery. As you can see, the number is on the increase.
So here, the important thing we should know is that cosmetics surgery for teens is only "suck".
A plastic surgeon, turned away two-third of the teen patients who visited his office in search of a new look, instead, he tried to persuade them to be happy the way they were.
The big problem with adolescents is they are beign operated on the most complicated time in their bodies. They may not recognise the permanence of what they're doing.
Also, plastic surgery carries a risk of complications, either scarring or the risk of disappointment with the results.
But sixteen-year-old Melanie Weiss thought the benefit was worth the risks, and had rhinoplasty "a nose job". Melanie's mother, who also underwent rhnoplast, didn't want her daughter's self-esteem to suffer. She said, "I had been ridiculed about mynose from the time I was in fifth grade, and I didin't want my daughtre to go through the same thing."
Furthermore, one of the twins said, "The longer you go on living like that, the more it's going to effect you and bring you down, and plused it has definitely helped me get more girls."
What are you thinking about future of plastic surgery? I think it will be on the increas in the future. As my opinion, the big assignment is faaling on the teen's family. The family member should teach to their teenagers how important to be happy the way they look and help them to gain self-confidence.

I hope I could be able to make up some awareness about this subject.
Thank you very much for listening me.
- applaud- :))

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