Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pharasal Verbs - 3

come off
The paint won't come off your hands unless you use turpentine.
The attack didn't come off the way the general planned it.
It's 2:00 am, you smell of beer and you say you were working late.
Oh, come off it!
doze off
I went to a movie last night, but it was so boring I dozed off.
fall for
The guy told me it was a real diamond and I was so dumb I fell for it.
When Jim met Susan, he fell for her right away.
give in
My son drove me crazy last week begging for a skateboard so I finally gave in so I could have some peace.
hear about
Have you heard about the new Tai restaurant downtown?
pull through
The doctor thinks that he will pull through because he is young and strong.
stay off
What can I do to get my cat to stay off the kitchen counter.
throw up
I fell nauseous and I'm afraid I'm going to throw up.
Be careful with that chain saw. It'll throw sawdust up in your eyes.
back down
The dictator didn't back down even after the Security Council voted to send in troops.
Mike tried to calm his sister down after she had a fight with her husband.
A meeting between the two sides was organized to try to calm the situtaion down.
go down
Going down the mountain was a lot easier than climbing up it.
The crime rate in New York has gone down over the last few years.
Does this road go down to the south side of town?
The new no smoking policy for bars and restaurants didn't go down well with a lot of people in New York.
If your computer goes down you'd better have backed up your files.
The sun went down at 8:34 last night.
Susie, put that knife down. It's dangerous!
Jim hates his step-father and puts him down continuously.
I told her I couldn put as much as $15,000 down.
Melanie's collecting money for charity and I told her to put me down for $50.
After the fire, the pilot looked for a place to put the plane down.
Marsha laid the tray down.
lay down
I slipped on some ice and fell down in the street.
run down
Mike was running down the stairs when he fell and broke his leg.
Let's run down the list and decide who gets which gift.
What time is it? My watch ran down last night.
Noun: The consultant gave the manager a rundown of the problems he had found.
Adjective: Maybe I need to go to the doctor. I feel so rundown all the time.
Adjective: I was shocked when I went back to my old neighborhood to see how rundown my old house looked.
Al was arrested after he ran three people down while he was drunk.
sit down
I'm exhausted; I haven't sat down all day.
The desetive sat Hank down and began to interrogate him.

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