Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Notes

Present Simple - I read
Past Simple - I read
Future - I will read
Present Perfect - I have read
Past Perfect - I had read
Future Perfect - I will have read
Present progressive - I am reading
Past progressive - I was reading
going to - I am going to read

5 Style in English
1. Formal - for writing - Yes
2. Informal - for conversation - OK
3. Slang - bad English - Yeah, yep!
4. Expressions - fun words - Yes
5. New York Style - chic words - Right :)

How was your day so far?
So far, so good. OR My day has been good so far.
What is your opinion about the weather?
I think the weather is nice (rainy, windy, cloudy, sunny...) today.

Noun - chair
Pronoun - we
Verb - read
Adjective - beautiful (He is a fast driver.)
Adverb - slowly (He drives fast.)
Preposition - of
Conjunction - therefore
Interjection - wow!

4 kinds of sentences
1. Simple sentences - gives one idea or fact, detail.
I think today is Monday.
2. Compound sentences - gives two ideas or facts, details.
I think today is Monday, and tomorrow is Tuesday.
3. Complex sentences - gives one complete idea, and one incomplete idea.
I was late today, because the subway was late.
4. Compound - Complex sentences - givens two complete ideas and one incomplete.
I think today is Monday, and tomorrow is Tuesday; however I like Friday.

and - two
but - contrary
also - in addition to
when - time
because - reason
if - conditional
however - as a result
therefore - as a result
since - before
as - before
or - one
nor - none
Compound sentences - and, or, nor
Complex sentences - "the others"
However, therefore open the new paragraph. In addition to, furthermore are used proceding paragraph.

1. linking verb - look, taste, hear, see, smell
The apple tastes sour.
2. state of being verb - "be" "have/has" (Posses or there is no action.)
I have a dog.

I don't like to read repetitive, it is not inconsequential.
It doesn't have sense of humor.
However, some people are addicted to read this kind of book.
For me, it is not riveting, it is unappealing.

Are you kidding? I kid you not.
I am a technical buff.
Do you have snafu today?
I was vague about Darwin's age.
You are a just wall flower.
He is hitting the nail on the head. (He is absolutely right.)
I put myself over the top. ( I got carried away.)
I'd better knock it off. (I'd better stop it.)
You are getting on my nerve. (You are running out of patient here.)
lazy (too strong) - relaxing person
At the time, the company officials could not have known that the chemicals would have terrible effects many years later.
Workers at the company should not have poured the chemicals into the ground, but they did.
I am under the weather today. (figurative)
The earth is under the weather. (literature)
I am trying to keep my head about above the water in this terrible economic situation. (figurative)
While swimming, I was trying to keep my head above the water. (literature)
3 moods
1. Indicative - a statement or a question
2. Imperative - Listen to me.
3. Subjunctive - a wish or a dream (use "were") I wish I were a millionaire.

1. What do you call air in our lungs?
I call air in my lungs like (is) breath.
2. What is the another way tosay "not here"?
Another way to say "not here" is "there" or "over there".
3. What's another word for "belive" ?
Another word for "believe" is "think".
4. How else can we say "nevertheless"?
We can say "nevertheless" means "though".
5. Which is it if it's not "that"?
If it is not "that", it is (must be) "this".
6. What's another word for "object"?
Another word for objects is "things".
7. What's the name of our planet?
The name of our planet is "the earth".
8. How else can we say "I appreciate it"?
We can say "I appreciate" means "thanks".

crew - in plane, in ship
staff - in company , factory
customer - store, restaurant
client - lawyer
award - prize
reward - in return of something
Who is the message for? The message is for him.
If it is not flexibility, what is it? It must be solidness.
How do yo do? How do yo do?
Guess who I had dinner with last night? You must have had dinner with your girlfriend.
Guess who I saw today? I guess you saw Michael Jackson today.
What is another word for "debate"? Another word for "debate" is "discussion".
Can you do me a favor, please? Yes, I can do you a favor.
What is your favorite planet? My favorite planet is the earth.

Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.
What goes around, comes around.

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