Saturday, December 26, 2009

Adjective Clauses - Objective Clauses

The letter that Bill wrote made karen feel sad.
The students who did very well on the test went home early.
The man whose son came in third place was very disappointed.
Mrs. Grady didn't agree with the speaker that supported building a shopping mall.
The car Maria bought has good gas mileage.
The employees who work for Smith Corporation are very worried.
The Employees whose jobs are in danger are very worried.
The computer graphics program that Peter bought is easy to use.
She was sad to see that the place where she used to climb trees was not longer there.
Michael get a %40 discount on the boos that he uses the internet to buy.
Robert always complaints to the neighbor whose children step on his flowers and ride bikes on his lawn.

I like the person who gave me this present.
He visit his friend whon you saw yesterday.
I am going to bring the glass which has a toy in it.
I put on the dress that has flowers on it.
This poet, wich is composed of four stanzas, is written by Willian Shakespare.

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