Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some notes taken in the class

no strings (attached) - having no spacial conditions or limits on an agreement, relationship et.
get down to brass tacks - to begin to most important work or business; to start talking about the most important details or facts.
not to be out of the woods yet - used to say that there are likely to be more difficulties before things improve.
to get your second wind - to feel less tired than before, especially when playing a prost, doing physical work etc.
to beat the band - in large amonuts or wih great force.
to drum up something - to obtain something by asking a lot of people for help, information at.
music to someone's ears - something that makes you very happy or pleased; usually sometihg that you hear
to blow your own horn - to praise yourself for your own achievements
to blow the whistle on someone - to tell someone in authority about something wrong that is happening
for a song - very cheaply
a song and dance - an explanation or excuse that is too long and complicated.
to face the music - to accept criticism or punishment for something you have done
to change one's tune - to start expressing a different attitude and reacting in a different way after something has happened.
straight from the horse's mouth - exactly the person / directly
bend over backwards - try very hard to do something
eating someone - bothering you - what is eating you lately? What has been eating (upseting, disturbing, worrying) you lately?
kick the bucket - to die, pass away
pull someone's leg - make a joke / You're pulling my leg. (You're fooling me. You're kidding.)
smell a rat - something strange, bad, wrong, fishy
jump down someone's throat - angry
dead as a door nail - doesn't work
cold turkey - right away, immediately
blowing smoke - angry
a back handed compliment - compliment that is not true, putting down somebody
break a leg - good luck
brand spanking new - something new
bust your balls - giving him hard time
to chew the fat - talk about but not important
for the birds - That was for the birds. (It doesn't appeal to me. That wasn't interesting.)
go to the dogs - mess up, very bad condition
drive someone up a wall - send them over the edge

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