Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pronunciation Practice

Tricky words: Practice saying these sentence:
  1. When I hurt my leg it was tought for me to walk throught the park.
  2. Bob made a thorough investigation, though Dan did not.
  3. It's hard to find water in his desert.
  4. I cannot find a pint of water in this desert for the dessert recipe.
  5. The architect says that a good photographer would never desert you.
  6. I like cake for dessert.
  7. We need to examine the legal issues more closely.
  8. You should determine the insuance law about building damage.
  9. This TV show is live every Tuesday.
  10. She plans to live in Los Angeles.
  11. Every day I read. Last year I read100 books.
  12. According to this label, the parts in this radio are not typical.
Say these sentences and watch the "-ed" endings:
  1. I washed the car and then walked to her house and waited for her.
  2. The thief kicked the door open and stuffed his bag full of the money he robbed.
  3. While he used the ladder she pushed it down and it crashed.
  4. When we were married, I watched her write the book before it was published.
Practice these sentences. Remember, "-it" not "-ate"!
  1. It's more appropriate to be accurate than approximate!
  2. The warm climate has melted my delicate chocolate.
  3. I am desperate to get adequate drinks for my elaborate party!
  4. How fortunate that you and she are so intimate!
  5. We need an immediate solution to this private matter.
(Intonation) Make sure it is rising and falling where it needs to:
  1. Are you coming with us?
  2. Is this really the book you wanted?
  3. Where is the nearest library?
  4. How did you know that Sara and John were also coming?
  5. I plan to go to New York, travel around the U.S., and come back home next month.
  6. You should buy fruit, vegetables, and chicken sometime today.
Make sure the vowel sounds are different in the bold words:
  1. That ship is carrying ten sheep.
  2. Marry is the woman with the green dress and the big grin.
  3. There's no heat coming out of that heater - can you hit it?
  4. Please sit down in your seat!
  5. If I can reach the gold in that pit I'll be rich.
  6. She cut her heel walking up the hill.
  7. Please leave me alone to live in peace!
SILENT LETTERS - Practice these words and be careful of the silent letter:
doubt - debt - subtle - comb - dumb - lamb - plumber - half - talk - February - island -
walk - salmon - chalk - herb - honest - honor - hour - castle - whistle - fasten - soften -
Christmas - receipt - cupboard - sword - answer - column -listen - knee- wrap - psychology

There are three ways to pronounce the "oo" sound in English - practice:
  1. The rain flooded the pool!
  2. Why did you choose that book?
  3. That's good amount of blood.
  4. Let me put the boot on my foot.
  5. Look at that cool hood!
  6. She shook the food of the spoon.
Practice the "L" and "R" sounds here:
  1. Larry is collecting the papers, and Tom is correcting them.
  2. The children are playing in the yard; their parents are praying in church.
  3. Bill is in the police and his brother is a priest.
  4. My former boss was very formal.
  5. Tel the truth - did you hurt his feeling?
  6. How did he arrive - dead or alive?
  7. Your present was very pleasant!

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