Saturday, November 14, 2009


take heart
to feel encouraged or have more hope; to not give up.
I know your girlfriend just left you, but take heart. There are lots of single women in Manhattan. You'll meet someone else.
from the bottom of someone's heart
used to show that you are very grateful or sincere about what you are saying.
The woman thanked the firemen from the bottom of her heart after they saved her children from the fire.
not to have the heart to do something
to be unable to do something because you do not want to make someone unhappy.
I didn't have the heart to tell my daughter we couldn't keep the pupy she found in the street.
to wear your heart on your sleeve
to show your true feelings openly.
I saw her crying at the meeting yesterday. She's always wearing her heart on her sleeve.
eat your heart out
used to tell someone that you are betten than them at something.
Barack Obama won the primary elections this weekened. Eat your heart out Hillary Clinton.
to dance your heart out
to sing, dance etc. with ll your energy.
The singer really wanted to impress the judges on American Idol so she sang her heart out.
to kiss something goodbye
used when you think it is certain that someone will lose their chance of getting or doing
After insulting the boss like that, I guess you can kiss your promotion goodbye.
to have a heart of gold
someone is good and kind although they may not appear to be.
Tom looks like a tough guy, but he realy has a heart of gold. He is so friendly and will hep anyone.
to kiss up to someone
to try to please or impress someone in ordet to get them to do something for you.
You can tell by the way Sally has been kissing up to the boss that she wants a raise.
to have one's heart in the right place
to have a very nice and generous character.
The teacher seems very strict, but her heart is in the right place. She is very understanding of the student's problems.
labor of love
something that is hard work, but that you do because you want to very much, or enjoy.
Studying English is a labor of love for many stuents at the International Center. It's a lot of work, but they want to do it to improve their English.
somebody's heart isn't in it
used to say that someone does not really want to do something or does not care about what they are doing.
She was doing the best she could, but her heart just isn't in it. I don't think shereally wants to work here anymore.
cross my heart (and hope to die)
used to say that you promise that you will do something or that what you are saying is true.
I swear, I did not take your pen. Cross my heart and hope to die.
to do something till your heart's content
to do something as much as you want to.
I know you like to study English,so feel free to study these idioms till your heart's content.
head over heels in love
to love someone very much
Sam is so happy and obviously head over heels in love with his new bride.
not for love nor money
something that is impossible to obtain or do.
I have been looking everywhere for that book. I can't find it for love nor money.

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