Saturday, November 14, 2009

Phrasal verbs - 1

This is all wrong. I'll have to do it all over.
float around
The new schedule was flaoting around the office yesterday.
There's rumor floating around that the factory will be closing.
lead up to
Several minor battles led up to a full-scale war.
The President led up to the announcement of his candidacy by recalling the accomplisments of his first term.
put...up to
I didn't think it was a good idea to ask for a raise, but my wife put me up to it.
stand for
The "DC" in Washington, DC stands for District of Columbia.
The flag stands for freedom.
Cruelty to animals is something I will never stand for.
stick around
Why don't you stick around until Sarah gets here; she'd love to see you.
stick to
I used the wrong glue and the tiles didn't stick to the floor.
The teacher told me to redo the paper and, this time, to stick to the point.
After the audition, the director told me I was terrible actor and I should stick to singing.
Sam thinks the new manager is an idiot and he likes to stick it to him.
Do you usually take the shopping carts back after you put the groceries in the car?
I have to take these pants back because the zipper's broken.
The lady who sold me the rug said she would be happy to take it back if I changed my mind.
I have to take these books back to the library today or I'll have to pay a fine.
Mike got sick again, so we took him back to the hospital.
I'm sorry, that was very rude of me. I take it back.
Looking through my high school yearbook sure takes me back.
The reporters tried to ask the mayor some questions, but he just brushed them off.
I told Dr. Smith that he had made a mistake, but he brushed it off.
Noun: The boss gave me the brush-off when I tried to give him advice.
come on
It was so cold that the heat came on last night.
Do you know what time the news comes on?
Come on! I can't wait all night.
Tom didn't study at all and he says he got 100 on the test. Oh, come on!
I feel a headache coming on. Do you have any aspirin?
Paul comes on too strong and women don't like it.
I can't stand that guy, Ned. He's always coming on to me.
Noun: Todd uses the same come-on with all the girls and it never works.
The bank is offering a free VCR as a come-on for opening an account.
I covered the cake up so the bugs wont't get onto it.
The mayor was accused of covering up his ties to organized crime.
Noun: The mayor denied being part of a cover-up and claimed he was innocent.
hang out
I don't have any place to go. Can I hang out here for a while.
Noun: The police closed the bar because it was a hangout for crooks and gang members.
leave over
I paid all my billse and I only had $17 left over.
Adjective: You can have leftover pasta for lunch tomorrow.
Noun: I don't like having leftovers for dinner all the time.
My friend promised to go shopping with me but she let me down.
Adjective: You broke your promise to stop smoking. I feel really let down.
Noun: The movie was a letdown. I expected it to be terrific.
It takes thirty years to pay a mortgage off.
The politicion tried to cover up the crime by paying off the witnesses.
pay off
Medical school is a lot of hard work but it'll pay off someday.
Noun: The police chief was videotaped taking a payoff.
Linda does volunteer work. The payoff is the satisfaction she gets.
talk to
I don't like Bob because he talks to me as if I were an idiot.
Noun: I gave my son a good talking-to about not doing his homework.
keep at
I know this work is difficult; but you have to keep at it.
keep away
That's very bad neighborhood, so keep away from it.
Paul has an alcohol problem, so keep him away from the bar.
The company tried to keep its prices down.
Will you please keep it down; I'm trying to study.
keep from
The movie was so sad that I couldn't keep from crying.
Jane's parents don't like her boyfriend, so they try to keep her from seeing him.
The sigh says, "Keep off the grass."
Ned is a nice guy as long as you can keep him off booze.
keep on
I told her to be quiet but she kept right on talking.
The company has decided to keep twenty workers on to maintain the machinery until business picks up again.
This is a secret so keep it to yourself.
Here's my credit card but keep your spending to a minimum.
keep to
Slower cars are supposed to keep to the right.
I told you to stop doing that. If you keep it up, I'm going to get really angry.
That noisy party across the hall kept me up all night.
keep up (with)
The assembly line was going so fast that no one could keep up.
Bob walks so fast it's had to keep up with him.
Jane always has some new idea. I can't keep up with her.
break down
This car is a piece of junk - it breaks down every day.
After that last break down, I decided to buy a new car.
The negotiations broke down because neither side would compromise.
Because niether side would compromise, there was a breakdown in negotiations.
When Tom's father died, he broke down in tears.
Marvin ha a complete nervous breakdown, after the tragedy.
After the poison breaks down, it is quite harmless.
If you break the process down, it isn't difficult to understand.
The police broke the door down and arrested the criminals.
The owner of the factory was arrested for deliberately burning the factory down.
Sally got fired after she called in sick three Fridays in a row.
When the police couldn't handle the riot, the governor called in the National Guard.
Look in the newspaper and find out when the movie starts.
I tried to get the movie time, but I couldn't find it out.
I met a nice guy at the party, but I never found out what his name was.
I was surprise to find out that he can speak fourteen languages.
The teacher will hand the tests back tomorrow.
look at
Look at me when I talk to you!
The mechanic looked at my car, but he couldn't find anything wrong with it.
The way I look at it, the governor is the cause of the problem.
That was a serious injury. You're looking at months of physical therapy.
The plow piles the snow up when it's deep.
A lot of dirty laundry is piled up in the basement.
My work really piled up while I was on vacation.
Be sure you set the tent up before it gets dark.
Are the tables set up for the party?
The nurse prepares setups for the operating room.
The arrangements for the wedding were complicated, but everything is set up now.
What's the setup for the Fourth of July?
Joe tried to set me up by leaving drugs in my apartment. I told the detective, it was a setup and I could prove it.
feel up to
I don't feel up to dancing tonight.
get...over with
Let's fix both cavities today, doctor. I just want to get it over with.
go along with
I understand your concern, but I have to go along with Maria on this one.
I don't care what the boss says. I'm not going along with any changes that mean longer hours for less money.
go in for
Brian realy goes in for football.
put up with
My husband says he's put up with my brother's lies long enough.
screw...out of
That con man screwed me out of my life savings.
talk down to
I was furious about the way he talked down to me.
cheat on
The teacher caught Ali cheating on the test.
Sarah filed for divorce after she caught George cheating on her.
go after
The police are going after drug deales.
Captain Morgan was ordered to go after the enemy soldiers.
The CEO said he wanted to go after the Chinese market.
Sofia went after a degree in accounting.
Business was pretty bad, but things are beginning to look up.
The student looked the new words up in the dictionary.
If you're ever in Chicago, please look me up.
Can I pay for this stuff with a credit card?
My car is old, but at least it is paid for.
If you don't study now, you'll pay for it when exam time comes.
plan for
It's never too early to start planning for retirement.
Thank for helping me. I'm sorry I put you to so much trouble.
When he put a gun to my head, I realized he was serious.
When the doctor put it to me like that, I finally understood him.
The movers will wrap up the chine with newspaper.
After the meeting had gone on for two hours, they finally wrapped it up.
point to
The waitress couldn't understand me, so I pointed to what I wanted on the menu.
The terrible test scores point to the flaws in our educational system.

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