Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Let's start to learn about prepositions.

"At" is used for specific times -- at 4:00 a.m., at noon

"On" is used for a street -- on Washington Street
"At" is used for street numbers -- at 1276 First Avenue

"In" is used for a city -- He lives in Indonesia.

‎"At" is also the preposition of location -- He's at work./She's at her parent's house.

Quick quiz -- Please fill in this HUGE sentence to review.

at, on, in

_______ midnight, we'll go to a party _______ Carlos' house. He lives _______ 1723 West Thomas Street _______ Buenos Aires.

At midnight -- Specific times take "at".

Please fill in.

His plane leaves _______ 7 p.m.
We want to have lunch _______ noon.

"At" is used for a more general location. Notice that I didn't say a general location. I said a "more general" location.
He's at work.

This is a large location -- Work can be a big place. How can I find him? I need a more specific location.

"In" is used for a more specific location.
He's at work. He's in the copy room. (Now I know more specifically where he is.)

General times take "in."

in the afternoon
in August
in 2010

Please fill in: (at, in)

_______ July, we had lunch every day _______ 1:00 p.m.

Let's add "on" -- talking about dates

On July 25, we'll start an exercise class.

"In" -- for general time
"at" -- for specific time
"on" -- for specific dates

at, on

The dinner will be _______ July 29 _______ 7:00 p.m. _____ his uncle's house.

It should be -- The dinner will be on July 29 ("on" a specific date) at 7:00 p.m. ("at" a specific time) at his uncle's house (location).

It's possible to say "in his uncle's house", but it's not as natural. If you use "in", you're saying "inside his uncle's house" rather than just giving a location.

Let's look at two sentences. Which is correct?

My Uncle's house
My Uncle Juan's house

My Uncle's house -- This isn't correct because we have no name. It should be -- My uncle's house . . .

My Uncle Juan's house -- This is correct because we have a name.

My professor said (no name; no capital letter)
We heard that Professor Thomas wants . . . (a name, so we need a capital letter)

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