Monday, May 10, 2010

Phrasal Verbs - 6

Seven people were killed when the building blew up.
Hank blew the beach ball up and threw it into the pool.
I blew the photograph up and framed it.
Noun: I made a blowup of the photo and framed it.
blow up
Heather blew up when she saw her boyfriend dancing with Linda.
catch on 
If his striped suits catch on, the designer will be famous.
When Sally studies, she usually catches on right away.
It took me a while, but I finally caught on to him.
come about
He was the richest man in town, and now he's bankrupt. How did that come about?
fall behind
Al and Tom are walking so fast that I've fallen behind.
Tim was sick last semester, and he fell behind in his studies.
Don't fall behind in your payments or they'll repossess your car.
goof around
Stop goofing around and get to work.
know about
Thanks for telling me, but I already knew all about it.
Knowing about art and being an artist are two different things.
We had a lot of work to do so Helen helped out.
When Jake said he was going to rob the casino, no one believed he could pull it off.
pull off
If I get sleepy when I'm driving, I always pull off the road and take a nap.
The football game was called off because of the rain.
The police closed several streets off becaues of the parade.
Adjective: Three rooms in the museum are closed off.
The tests must be handed in no later than 11:30.
I was so furious that I handed my letter of resignation in the next day.
The guard was ordered to hand his gun in after he shot the window washer.
hit on
I think I've hit on a way to solve the problem.
Lydie had a terrible time at the party. She was hit on by every guy there. 
Check to make sure you don't heave anyone off the list.
leave off 
We left off at page 92 last week, so open your books to page 93.
The driver let Ellen off at the corner.
It was Jake's first offense, so the judge let him off with a warning.
I'm sorry I shouted at you this morning; I was just letting off stream.
The police lit the house up with their spotlights.
I have no matches so I can't light up m cigarette.
Adjective: The signs aren't lit up, so it 's hard to see them at night.
I finally tracked down that book I was looking for.
When you go through airport security, you have to empty your pockets out.
empty out
There was trash everywhere after the statium emptied out.
fall out (of) (with) (over)
I found a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest.
Al fell out with his sister after he criticized her husband.
Noun: The manager of the team quit after he had a falling-out with the owner.
go out (to) (with) (for) (of)
I 'm cooking. Go out and play in the backyard.
The campfire went out during the night.
The lights in the barrack go out every night at 10 pm.
Sally and Jim went out for two years before they got married.
Last weekend we went out to Jim's cabin at the lake.
leave out (of)
The director left out several pats of the book when he made the movie.
Adjective: No one talked to Jerry at the party so he felt left out.
stick out
I cut myself on a nail that was stickig out of the wall.
Alan's nearly seven feet tall, so he really sticks out in a crowd.
stick...out (of)
English is hard but if you stick it out, you'll be glad you did.
We all stuck our heads out of th window to get a better look.
clean...out (of) 
We clean out our garage every spring.
A con artist cleaned my grandfather out of $50.000.
I got home to find that thieves had cleaned me out.
Adjective: Now that my garage is cleaned out, there's room for my car.
After the police threw out tear gas, the crowd cleared out quickly.
Look at how much more room we have now that we've cleared the jund out.
come out (of) (to) (with) (for) (against)
Susie's friend knocked on the door and asked her to come out to play.
The most wonderful arome came out of the kitchen.
Would you like to come out and visit our farm?
It was a tough game, but our team came out on top.
Barron's is coming out with a new TOEFL book soon.
Eveyone was shocked when it came out that the butler was the murderer.
Don't get blood on your shirt - it'll never come out.
Flowers come out in the spring when the weather gets warm.
Wait until the sun comes out; you'll get a better picture.
We were surprised when the mayor came out for gay marriage.
fool around (with)
My boss said he wasn't paying me to fool around and I should get to work
Fooling around with drugs is pretty stupid.
Sally's father caught her fooling around with Jim in the basement.
go by
We watched the parade go by.
Let's go by Ralph's house and pick up the tools so we can work on your car.
I can't believe forty years have gone by since I got married.
Going by the book has always been my policy.
Don't go by the clock on the wall; it's fast; use the clock on the desk.
Jane lost her job because of mistakes Rob made but she doesn't hold it against him.
The explorers left the jungle behing and entered the mountains.
Leaving our children behind at the gas station was pretty dumb.
My husband walks so fast, he always leaves me behind.
live with
Living with my in-laws in driving me crazy.
Jake committed suicide rather than live with the shame of what he did.
make of
So what did you make of the president's speech?
The detective narrowed the list of suspects down to the few cook, the butler and the maid.
The on artist tricked them into giving him their life savings.

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