Friday, March 12, 2010

phrasal verbs - 5

fall off
The dish fell off the table and broke.
Sales of fountain pens fell off after the ballpoint pen was invented.
Noun: The chairman was asked to explain the falloff in the company's sales.
Maria filled in the application and gave it to the secretary.
I fell asleep during the lecture? Can you fill me in on what the professor said?
Noun: The check isn't any good - the amount isn't filled in.
fill in (for)
The regular bartender is on vacation so Todd is filling in for him.
Noun: Jerry is Ann's fill-in while she's on vacation.
go ahead (with)
I've decided to go ahead with my plans to reorganize the company.
Yes, go ahead and leave work early. It's not a problem.
Noun: The FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved the drug and gave the company the go-ahead to market it.
grow up
I grew up on a small farm in North Dakota.
You're acting like a child. Why don't you grow up?
Adjective: Susie is only eleven but she acts very grown-up.
Noun: Only grown-ups are allowed to sit in the front seat of a car.
The teacher handed the tests out to the class.
Noun: Handouts of food were given to the homeless people.
The teacher prepared a handout for his students.
kick back
She offered to kick back 10% if I switched to her company.
It's been a rough week. Let's kick back and watch the game tonight.
Noun: The reporter discovered that the loan to the governer was really a kickback.
Ford laid off 20,000 workers during the last recession.
Noun: The company said there wouldn't be any layoffs despite the decline in profits.
lay off
You've been bugging me all day. If you don't lay off, you'll be sorry.
Listen to how much you're coughing. You've got to lay off cigarettes.
I tried to fix my computer myself but I just screwed it up worse.
You really screwed me up when you lost my car keys.
Noun: My back is so screwed up I can't even walk.
Two babies were switched because of a screw-up in the maternity ward.
come up with
It took me all night, but I came up with the answer.
get around to
I didn't get around to doign my taxes until April 14.
get...out of
Sam got out of gym class by pretending to be sick.
The judge didn't get any pleasure out of imposing such a harsh sentence.
It took me a while, but I got the whole story out of her.
go back on
The president went back on his pledge not to raise taxes.
go through with
The company's president said they would go through with their plan to move operations to Mexico.
monkey around with
I monkeyed around with my camera and I think maybe I fixed it.
boil down to
My decision to stay at his awful job boils down to one thing - money.
come down with
I don't feel well. I mustbe coming down with something.
I caught a cold but I am getting better.

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