Saturday, December 24, 2016


Please read this time to time.
1. First thing you need to know to say "NO". If you don't know, learn.
2. Don't be with people you don't like.
3. Don't choose the person you'll be together because he/she is beautiful.
4. Everything you want deeply from your heart will come true.
5. Never gave up to love yuorself. Be distant from the people who make you feel bad.
6. Never go into the money related issues with your friend. Do not borrow. Do not lend.
7. Dream without limit.
8. Learn foreign languages as much as possible. You'll be suprise when you see how much color it will bring to your life.
9. Separe time  to your beloved ones. This is the real taste of life.
10. Be yuorself. Be friend with people who like you as you are.
11. Be prufied fron the feelings like hatred, anger...
13. Definitely do exercise. Definitely have a hobby and be specialist about it.
14. Do not clasiy people because of their believe or the place they were born. Don't forget there is only good and bad people.
15. Read books. You will meet with so many people and you will go so many place.
16. Marriage is very difficult. Do not get married with the person who you will not be able to be friend.
17. Marry with a person who you can walk at the edge of the cliff while your eyes closed.
19. it is really fantatic to do the job you love but do not forget that you have to make money.
20. Travel as much as possible. Observe the different culture.
21. Listen to the music. Dance.
22. Do not let the things that you have claim your life.
23. Dot lose the joy of your life.
24. Don't  think about death. Don't be afraid of death. Don't delay the life.

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