Sunday, July 4, 2010

Phrasal Verbs - 8

Don't open the window - the candle will blow out.
The force of the explosion blew all the windows out.
When lightening hit our house, all the telephones were blown out.
Noun: Maria had a blowout and lost control of her car.
They gave out free hats to the first 5.000 fans to enter the stadium.
give out
The explorers lost their way in the desert and died when their water gave out.
Alex hater changing his little brother's diapers-it really grosses him out.
Adjective: I was eating an apple, and I found half a worm in it. I was so grossed out that I almost threw up.
head toward
The escaped convinct must have headed toward Mexico.
run up (to)
If I'd heard the baby crying, I would have run up to this bedroom.
After the explosion, a man ran up to me and asked for help.
When I was in Australia, I called my family every week and really ran a big phone bill up.
Noun: Bill was lucky to buy 500 shares of stock just before the big run-up.
shut up
Marvin talks non-stop. He never shuts up.
I can't hear the TV. Can you please shut those kids up?
stop off
Stopping off in Cairo on our way to India would be fun.
She must have tried 20 pairs of shoes on before she made her choice.
burn out
We need more wood. The fire's burned out.
These new light bulbs are guaranteed not to burn out for ten years.
Adjective: I replaced the burned-out bulb in my lamp.
After the fire, nothing was left but burned-out buillding.
The burned-out rocket landed in the ocean.
Teaching those awful students for years has left him burned-out.
fall over
I almost fell over when I heard the terrible news.
Mike was felling all over himself trying to impress jane.
fight back
The soldiers fought back bravely, but the situtation was hopeless.
I had to fight back tears when I heard about john's death.
hear of
She asked if I knew Smith but I've never heard of him.
Our daughter wanted to go to Mexico with her boyfriend but we won't hear of it.
Have you picked out a dress to wear to the party?
The policeman asked me if I could pick the mugger's picture out of a group of photos.
I guess I'll buy this one. Can you ring it up please?
He rang up Nancy and asked her for a date.
They've torn so many buildings down that I hardly recognize the neighborhood any more.
My schedule's pretty tight but I'll try to work the meeting in.
follow up
The doctor told me I'd have to follow up the operation with physical therapy.
Noun: The doctor told me to see him in two months for follow-up.
take...out (of)(to)
I want to take some books out of the library today.
The teacher said my essay would be better if I took the third paragraph out.
Nicole is at the bank taking $1000out.
Jim took his girlfriend out to the movies last week.
The hit man took John out with a shotgun blast to the head.
Noun: I don't feel like cooking tonight. Lets get takeout.
You can try it out for thirty days without any obligation.
The manager agred to try him out for three months.
Noun: I gave the new diet a tryout, but I actually gained weight.
try out (for)
A lot of guys will try out for the team, but only a few will make it.
Noun: Tryouts for the team will be Friday and Saturday.
I woke up at two a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep.
Hey, wake up! Nicole is lying to you. Can't you see that?
Noun: I asked the clerk to give me a wake-up call at 6 a.m.
work out
She said that living with her in-laws wasn't working out very well.
The marriage didn't work out and they were divorced after six months.
The monthly payment on a 6 percent loan works out to $642.
The opposing lawyers worked out a comprise.
Bob works out at the gym every day.
Noun: I 'm really sore from my workout last night.
Driving to Alaska sure gave this old truck a workout.
I've forgotten how to work math problem out without a calculator.
Jane's at home sick so I'm going to take some chicken soup over.
The hijackers took the plane over and made the pilot fly to Cuba.
take over
Carlos Ortega will be taking over as sales manager next year.
We work from 4 p.m. until midnight, and then the graveyard shift takes over.
Noun: If the situtaion doesn't stabilize soon, there's a good chance of a military takeover.
After the takeover, the new presidenet made a lot of changes.
I wiped the inside of the glasses out so they wouldn't get spots on them.
An entire regiment was wiped out it the battle.
Noun: The battle was a complete wipeout. Not a single soldier survived.

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